• Announcing Early Experience Availability for Curb Utilization Analytics

    January 30, 2017, Lake Arrowhead, CA - Today IntelliScape.io announced early experience implementations of its Curb Utilization Analytics solution that uses video analytics to capture and better understand vehicle traffic patterns.

    Move Over IoT... IoR is Magnitudes Larger

    You’ve heard about the Internet of Things (IoT), and maybe the Internet of Everything (IoE). But the Internet of Recognition™ (IoR™) is probably new to you. And yet, it is possibly many thousands of times larger than the Internet of Things.

    Real-Time Insights

    At the heart of every IntelliScape.io™ solution is a challenge to collect and analyze information that yields timely insights. And by "timely", we mean REAL-TIME.

    Practical IoR™ Solutions

    We are the first company in the world to develop a real-time global network that leverages intelligence gathered through detection of make and model of passing vehicles for billboard marketing purposes using Video Analytics.

  • Our Mission...

    Build a Platform to Realize the Vast Potential of the Internet of Recognition™

    The Opportunity

    IntelliScape.io™ stands at the doorstep of a new revolution - computing systems that can recognize everything.

    Advances in machine vision and the ability to extract precise interpretations through software-based analytics has placed humanity at the doorstep of a whole new way to deeply interface our physical world with our digital world. Image and video recognition are poised to change how physical objects and people are interleaved with the Internet.

    Reliable and precise machine recognition algorithms make it possible to transform images and video feeds into modern information sources. And that [alone] ushers in massive opportunities with facial and vehicle recognition.

    The Challenge

    Computing platforms and solution-building approaches will strain under the load and complexities of anticipated demands of IoR and IoT solutions.

    This new breed of video analytics applications will generate terabytes of information every hour.

    Undeniably, on the very near horizon, is a new reality; the perfect storm of event data and the desire to interpret insights will overwhelm even the best-prepared IT and Bi organizations.

    The Solution

    IntelliScape.io™ will bring to market a new architecture to address the complexities of IoR™.

    To facilitate broad and pervasive use of IoR capabilities, IntelliScape.io has dedicated its future to the design of a new architecture to support the burgeoning business climate -- a unified platform for building and maintaining image and video recognition solutions.

    IntelliScape’s platform architecture (IntelliScape.io™) embraces the vast universe of modern and legacy devices and the stringent requirements of configuration and security management. At its core, IntelliScape.io™ is a framework designed to support a collection of integration adhesives that provide the most effective means to achieve rapid deployment at scale.

    To achieve this, IntelliScape.io™ has created a collection of production-ready solutions that establish success patterns for high-demand video and imagery recognition applications.

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