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January 30, 2017, Lake Arrowhead, CA - Today announced early experience implementations of its Curb Utilization Analytics solution that uses video analytics to capture and better understand vehicle traffic patterns.

The solution is capable of real-time tracking of illegally parked vehicles, double-parked trucks, and even unauthorized use of public transit loading and unloading areas., founded in late 2014, is a front-runner in the quest to develop precise video analytics for many objectives including public safety and urban development planning. Founder and CEO Bill Stow summarizes IntelliScape’s first offering as -

“A key milestone toward broad and powerful solutions for the Internet of Recognition™.”

Since 2014, has been researching and developing successful application approaches to meet the rapidly emerging demand for IoR™ (Internet of Recognition) solutions.

Mr Stow adds:

Machine vision and deep learning have matured [enough] to become essential tools that can be applied to expand the boundaries of IoT. The physical world in which we live is largely unable to participate as IoT devices. Machine vision, however, stands poised to accelerate the inclusion of real-world activities as IoT data.

IntelliScape’s Curb Utilization solution seamlessly integrates machine vision products from Canon and IBM to create real-time event data streams. has created a unique method of capturing, tagging, storing, and transporting IoR events and related big data sources in real-time using PubNub’s Data Stream Network.

One of the biggest challenges businesses face when utilizing real-time data feeds from IoT and IoR applications is the lack of important peripheral information. Despite the ability to capture IoT and IoR event data in real-time, these systems typically lack related real-time data elements that can only be blended through latent database environments and querying processes.


As video recognition events occur, instantly blends weather, demographic, and location-specific data with the original event data to provide highly embellished real-time feeds that are ready for analytical consumption in dashboards that support real-time analytics, such as Microsoft’s Power BI.

To create dashboard-ready feeds, the IntelliScape platform leverages its proprietary DataBloqx™ architecture, which performs seamless inclusion of internal and external data sources at the same instant IoR events are created. To streamline development, integrators and engineers need only tag recognition events to enhance data payloads as they stream to dashboards such as PowerBI. DataBloqx, as a product and a feature of the Platform, is the first ever API-less and Server-less streaming data architecture for real-time analytics. Bill French, Chief Architect at, summarizes how DataBloqx became critical to IoR solution development:

“As we researched the nature of IoR solutions, which are largely dependent upon real-time data feeds, we recognized how critical it was to integrate internal and even big data sources into the event feeds. In almost every case, real-time events must be paired with important data elements that are stored or available elsewhere. If we didn’t integrate these sources at the same instant the IoR events occurred, real-time insights would be constrained. Ideally, IoR events must seamlessly emerge with important adjacent data included. DataBloqx, built on the PubNub Blocks architecture, makes this possible and makes it very easy for developers to integrate data that is external to the IoR or IoT process.”

About Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft Power BI is a suite of real-time business analytics tools to analyze data and share insights. Monitor your business and get answers quickly with rich dashboards available on every device.

About PubNub Data Stream Network
The PubNub Data Stream Network connects 15 globally redundant points of presence into a single network capable of handling hundreds of millions of simultaneous device connections and relaying trillions of messages.

About™ is a development platform for rapid delivery of IoR solutions. It includes a collection of production-ready success patterns for high-demand video and imagery recognition applications.

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Bill Stow, Founder & CEO (949) 878-0963

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