• Real-Time Insights

    As we blend recognition events from IoT and IoR℠ activities, the data becomes richer, deeper, and more insightful. The velocity with which we are able to capture and the expansive breadth of data points that we can collect, requires a completely new way of handling data.

    Microsoft Power BI Streaming Analytics

    Seamless IoR Event Integration with Microsoft Azure & Power BI.

    IntelliScape.io has crafted a seamless approach that leverages the PubNub data stream network to create an end-to-end managed solution -- from camera to Power BI -- recognition events are transformed into streaming data and seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Azure Hub or direct to Power BI. [read more]

    IntelliScape.io Solution Architecture

    IntelliScape.io employs a streaming data network to deliver sub-second integration between processes and analytics platforms.

    IntelliScape.io is designed to embrace IoT and IoR information capture, analysis, and dissemination with near-zero latency. The platform achieves this with the most advanced architecture for the Internet of Recognition℠. Patterned after the underlying infrastructure found in products such as Slack and other real-time messaging protocols, IntelliScape.io delivers unprecedented performance.

    Double-Park Recognition

    Real-time processing of IoT and IoR signals is a necessity.

    The Internet of Recognition is emerging as a carefully instrumented partnership between cameras and software that can interpret moving and static images while applying intelligent rules. IntelliScape.io provides not only true Real-Time processing of events, but the ability to pipe data feeds to a variety of endpoints including dashboards and databases.

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Performing high-velocity event recognition on many dimensions, such as noise-level monitoring and then delivering analytics about them in real-time is possible with the IntelliScape platform. Under the hood we embrace sockets-level and HTTP streaming APIs in every aspect of our platform, which allows us to achieve unmatched performance at global scale in all connectivity climates.

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